You and me and Leslie (callirhoe) wrote in synchro_swim,
You and me and Leslie

Being a coach/swimmer?

Hi all! It was such a happy surprise to find that a LJ community for my favorite sport of all time actually existed... :-)

And I do have a question for you all. I'm a student at the University of Iowa who is attempting to restart the synchro program, which has been dead for several years. I'm running into two interconnected problems: 1) we can't find anyone in the area to coach/manage the club, and 2) even if we could find a coach, we wouldn't be able to pay him/her.

My solution to those two problems would be to volunteer to coach myself for the next couple of years. I have almost 10 years' experience with the sport, and I have a lot of contacts from my old synchro team back home that I can call on for help. However, I'm wondering if it's even possible to be a swimmer and a coach at the same time. My idea was that I could schedule practice times where I'm out of the water and some where I can actually swim, but balancing all that on top of a full classload and a part-time job, plus my other activities... very very difficult.

I'd really appreciate any advice or thoughts on my problematic situation that you all might have.

Thanks very much!
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