smiley_girl15 (smiley_girl15) wrote in synchro_swim,

Hey, did anyone (from the UK) watch the Big Dance last night? If you did, did you see the girls in the fountain? I was one of them! 

For anyone that didn't see it (ie. most of you!) it was a world record attempt in London, for the most dancers and the most genres of dance being performed at one time, and one of those genres was synchro! There were 32 swimmers there, and we all danced with everyone else for a couple of minutes, then took off our dresses and got into Traflagar Square fountains!

If you've ever been to Trafalgar Square, you'll know that the fountains aren't that deep! There's literally about 10 inches of water, if that, so we couldn't really do anything complicated. We could however do tubs, ballet legs, flamingos, arms etc, whilst resting on the floor. The water was absolutely freezing, but it was such an experience! I don't think anyone could stop smiling the whole way through, and when we told the record attempt had been successful, we jumped back in the fountains and had a huge water fight! It was amazing and despite the cold water, rain and long journeys to London and back I'd love to do it all again!

We also got to meet Anton Dubec, and saw Bruce Forsyth, Zoe Ball and Trigger from Only Fools And Horses!
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