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lizasaurus rex

Speaking of Age Group Nationals...who's going?

I'm really excited because I'm going as a chaperone for a local team! I haven't been to Age Groups in a few years (since I was IN Age 2001?) and I never got to go to Seattle. Age Groups was held there the year before I started going to Nationals (95? 96 was Washington DC I believe) and the year after I "graduated" out of 18-19. So even if I'm not competing, I'm excited to go.

I'm pretty sure I'm the only Masters swimmer in the community, but it never hurts to ask: Any new Masters here? I don't know how much the rest of you know about Masters, but as the Age Group season winds down, Masters is getting started! My team normally just goes to Masters Nationals, but this year there's a few of us going to three meets. I'm taking a solo, duet and trio to the Gay Games which is being held in Chicago (where I just happen to live! Yay!), and my duet partner and I are going to Stanford to participate in FINA World Masters. It will be my first international competition and I am SO EXCITED!

Also the previous poster asked for pictures...that's me in my icon at Masters Nationals in 2004 in my lovely pirate attire. (Yes, they let us wear an "eye patch" goggle! It was hilarious!)
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