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Hello community!

I was so excited to find this community!

I was on synchro when I was a teenager, then I started a Synchro team in my college town. We were the second registered YMCA in the state of Wisconsin, the first being my hometown YMCA. I recently moved out to Maryland, and the YMCA here is not interested in starting a synchro team. I'm so bummed! How can I prove that it would be a great addition to the aquatic program??
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That sounds like a great idea! We get mighty bored up here in connecticut with the same teams over and over. I bet if you show them a couple teams that do use ymca's they'll rethink their decition. If not theres always highschool and community pools, just call up and ask you local park and rec if they'd be willing to give up a couple hours a week for you. For a price though :/. anyways good luck!
Where in connecticut do you swim?
I just moved to RI and am thinking about starting a team becuase there aren't any around here.
I am actually in Maryland. I'm completely unfamiliar with the geography. How far is it from Connecticut to MD and RI?
I swim for the Hamden Heronettes. It's located around the New Haven area. Theres also a team in the southwest (New Cannan).
Mind if I ask which Wisconsin team you were on? I'm in Illinois so I'm pretty familiar with most of the teams around here :)
I was originally on the Manitowoc team in about 1994-1998. We competed in figures competitions only. The team I started never did competitions, but we were in Oshkosh.

p.s. I'm going to friend you as a fellow synchro buddy!


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Friended back!
Whoops, forgot to sign in! That was me!
i think its wonderful that you are trying to start a new team. it really surprises me that a ymca doesnt want to start a synchro team. my team is a ymca based team (ana synchers) maybe if you told them about the success other ymca's have had they may change their minds.
Thank you so much for your support!

I will keep you all posted as I continue to form a team here.

p.s. I'm adding you as a fellow synchro buddy!